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May 3, 2014 5:00pm PDT
merkel and basically just missed the whole content. i get to hear the author didn't buy much i can put the responsibility for the escalation on moscow. oh well that obama also called for support. the kids cracked from the protesting the east of ukraine. the call that a move to restore order. but still fresh because the anti government activists continued the town throats of the day in eastern ukraine the hotspots is a tip from a toast which is one of the focal point a cause for an anti kiev sentiment the like the port city of it was to get control of most of the city with auntie kim forces keeping all that is one central square. at least two people to confirm that killed in the fights and friends to this report. units in the role of the year long so i made. on leaving the scene of devastation as well. two boxes he could not recall i am also going to confront our smoldering shells at the moment. in the sense of its main street of the city some two hundred and fifteen system so the answer that happened a few hours ago meant to be a natural gone to the goal is to be the tree to comprisin
May 3, 2014 7:30am PDT
early after meeting with german chancellor angela merkel and basically dismissed the protests. i get to hear that on third and goal by workout. responsibility for the escalation on my own obama also called for support. the kids crack down on the pokies to the east of ukraine. he called it a move to restore order. a more subtle as a senior lecturer in international relations abbas kids to university things western political heavyweights of the airline's close to their real causes of the chaos in ukraine. he will continue to blame russia as being responsible for this for destabilizing the situation in ukraine by their knew they had a right to destabilize the situation in ukraine a few months ago and helped bring this up which regime to power with the year oh my god riots but now. russia although there is no evidence they claim has no right to destabilize the situation. these are the radicals have not been stopped by the government because they are doing business. this government the student brown shirt paramilitaries are the only true believers that this government can politically and
May 2, 2014 8:00pm PDT
. german chancellor merkel in dc for me. adverts none in an nsa spying. a report on the agenda between the two world leaders. the us become a nation of pill popping children will look at the issue of over medicating our kids later the cap. fans i can to begin with breaking news this evening in on the site in south western ukraine has been killed in a large fire connected with the brass band. the numbers can vary the local police tell the associated press that more than thirty people are dead after local trade union house without a place to be getting the midst of a standoff between ukrainian government supporters and antique and activists. today was marked by violence between those and get protesters in ukrainian military in fact at least three ukrainian troops and two antique its fighters were killed after the government launched a military assault on the eastern city of swansea ask which is held by anti government protesters our team player reports. it was on the street is that the ukrainian army is preparing another vaughan's come tonight to find eight it has people shared in atomic
May 2, 2014 5:00pm PDT
projects all german businesses to purge the halter on sanctions against russia and chancellor merkel most probably delivered that message to washington and you're still present obama said about that the question energy and possible sanctions. looking a whole range of issues. energy flows from russia to europe those continued even them in the midst of the cold war at the height of the cold. so the idea that you're going to turn off the tap. on hold russian oil or natural gas exports. i think it is un realistic present obama showed support for kids crack down on the protesting the east of ukraine. he called the team's move to restore order to enable merkel which it was as if they did not talk about it she just said she too would like to see elections carried out an inmate at the present obama again we heard nothing but praise for the government in kiev at one point keeps me to say that they duly elected government in kiev and apparently skipping the fact the ukraine selected president was overthrown and the ukrainians have not yet had the chance to elect their government. again u s presiden
May 2, 2014 10:30am PDT
reserve the right to collect information like to see angela merkel going to the us to pick up new instructions the council has come in full review is home to no pushing to allow aid with snowden to give testimony of an investigation into nsa activity in person the critics think that she's looking to protect the image of the u s homes. mrs merkel's visit one just to watch when speaking to me many in europe and read it know we can be stood up to the actions of the us in the aftermath of snow whose revelations. trade is simply a major role in the talks negotiations are still ongoing over the transatlantic trade and investment on the ship for teaching which could see an easing of current tight restrictions on the surface this conceive of the eu and us profits as it will cost to eu consumers. one of my famous homemade treats and we must take it. when ginny ninety six percent of people think that the standards of environmental protection updates and in the us. uncle safety the big issue ninety one percent in favor of the eu held data protection agency fine to send didn't think the us de
May 1, 2014 8:00pm PDT
of the afghan population alright love german chancellor merkel is making her first visit to washington dc since two thousand eleven to the writing to the nation's capital today and will be meeting with president obama early tomorrow for a lunch meeting focused on economic issues. in the first meeting between the two leaders since the news broke last october at the nsa had been served a link. merkel's phone calls and email communications for her cell phone. there's no doubt that tension still exists between merkel and obama over the issue still is unlikely to carry any weight in our conversation to scott's this visit i was doing earlier by holder start. he's the senior washington correspondent for der spiegel and the terror of the new book the nsa complex for assassin to describe the tension surrounding the visit. as a deep disappointment on knuckles and not too much about the fact that she's been targeted. she sees this as a part of professional business it's the hope president obama handled this affair the summer when the first snow of the document scandal that sent a delegation to washington
Apr 30, 2014 8:00pm PDT
. on thursday german chancellor merkel for a ride on an official visit to washington d c meeting with president obama and other critical business figures topics include the events in ukraine transatlantic free trade. and of course dealing with a part of the surveillance disclosures which revealed last year that chancellor merkel was personally being spied on by the nsa. as for millions of average german citizens hence am just a few blocks from the white house the national press club former nsa contractor turned whistleblower adverts netting received even our award for truth telling. he shared the honors with filmmaker laura returns the first journalist he reached out to the documents. artsy political commentator send faxes the keyword ceremony he joined me earlier i first asked him to tell me about it this is an annual events the end of the organization in the four of war says a book prize or surprise for documentary filmmaking their surprise for courage. there's this truth telling prize which was to investigative journalists whistleblowers and this is what edward starting or fortress the conve
Apr 29, 2014 8:00pm PDT
is helping to make progress on trade and security available thompson berlin with chancellor angela merkel expected to discuss how they and other leaders of the group of seven nations can cooperate over
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8